Sublimation involves dying all design elements into the fabric. Thus, we can match colors exactly to your specifications or existing uniforms colors. Also offering, unlimited colors and graphics that won't crack, peel or fade. So, it provides a vibrant, affordable product! Also available in a wide variety of fabrics from cotton to moisture-wicking polyester. While, makable in smaller quantities, the cost can be high for quantities under 6. Sublimation is best for orders of 12 or more items using the same design. Shop Sublimated Uniforms and Apparel.

Impress Atletix offers sublimated uniforms and apparel.
Impress Athletix North Houston offers embroidery services.



Uses a needle to apply thread or yarn to your garments. It is very durable and a long-lasting high-end decoration. Great for caps, polos, business attire and more. Great for 1, 100 or more items.



Screen-printing involves creating a stencil, known as a screen. Then using that screen to apply ink on the printing surface. A different screen, is used to apply each color one at a time, then combined to achieve the final look. Thus, the more colors a design has, the more screens needed, and the more setup time required. While, makable in smaller quantities, the cost can be high for quantities under 6 items. Best for orders of 12 or more items using the same design.

Impress Athletix offers screenprinting for custom decorated apparel.
Personalize your garments with vinyl, which offers a variety of colors and textures.



Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV is a film or vinyl that attached to a carrier sheet and applied using heat. HTV allows for customization and personalization of items in large or small quantities. Yet, this material is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Available in single colors, pattern, glitter, flock, glow-in-the-dark and more. Also, HTV is often used for Name and Number services which would be would be costly to screen-print.



Besides vinyl, we offer rhinestones--hotfix and crystal designs. Also applied using heat technology. Rhinestones can be used stand alone. They can also enhance embroidery, sublimation, twill and HTV designs

Besides vinyl, Impress Athletix offers rhinestones--hotfix and crystal designs.
Decoration Services by Impress Athletix



Our professional design team is at your service to assist your creative needs. Work closely with our in-house art department to create the custom look you want! Provide your own artwork or choose from a variety of concepts and mascots offered.

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