Impress Athletix offers two options for organizations to raise funds. These programs need minimal work on your part -- Spirit Stores and On-Site Event Apparel.

Athletix Shops

AthletixShops are team spirit stores that allow teams to sell exclusive apparel their own online store. Impress Athletix does all the work from creating designs to delivering goods. You approve art and earn a commission. Thereby saving you time and money!

Athletix Shops by Impress Athletix. Team stores to create a uniformed look and raise funds for your cause.
Impress Athletix On Site Event Apparel

On Site Event Apparel

Invite Impress Athletix to your event to create custom merchandise. We take care of everything from creating designs to conducting sales at the event. Above all, you reap the rewards with a donation to your organization.

Earn Rewards!