Impress Athletix, recently attended the Benignus Family Fitness Night. The event, held March 8, 2023 offers students and families the opportunity to participate in fun activities preview community health and fitness businesses. The 4th annual Family Fitness Night showcased over 20 businesses around the Klein area to offering participants information and interactive activities.

Standing Long Jump at Benignus 2023 Family Fitness Night

The Standing Long Jump was offered by Impress Athletix. We offered beginning instruction in proper jumping techniques. We saw friends and families have mini jumping competitions to see who could jump the furthest.

We also had a booth that demonstrated our custom uniform, t-shirt and Athletix Shop offerings. Impress Athletix offers sublimation, screen-printing, and embroidery wares. As well as sporting goods and equipment. 

Impress Athletix Booth as Benignus Elementary Family Fitness Night

As a part of the 4th Annual Family Fitness Night at Benignus as Silent Auction was offered. Impress Athletix, donated at gift basket. The basket included student and parent t-shirts, sport bottle, phone holder, key chain wristlet and drawstring bag. 

Impress Athletix Benignus Gift Basket

Impress Athletix believes in giving back to its community. As former athletes, coaches, PTO and booster club members we understand the importance of community support and involvement. While we can't give to every cause, we try to give back as much as possible. Our Athletix Shops, allow us to give back in a consistent way. We have lived in the Spring and Klein communities for over 20 years. We are invested in its success!