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Contact Impress Athletix Team Sales for all your Team Needs.  Our staff has over 20 years experience in coaching and sporting goods sales. Providing Impress Athletix experience and understanding of our customers needs. From track & field to bowling, and high school to club sports, we will outfit your coaches and athletes. We also customize team packs to meet team needs. 

Get geared up before the season starts with custom and stock uniforms, and activewear. As well as footwear and equipment ensuring your athletes have what they need.We provide school and club sport teams with quality gear and customer service at a great price!

Impress Athletix Team Sales Houston Texas
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Our friendly and dedicated staff will help you with your apparel and equipment needs. We strive to have our customers looking their best, both on the field and off with our custom team apparel. From uniforms to equipment our staff will find the product you are looking for. We also offer a wide variety of decoration services for every budget.  Impress Athletix has a large selection and huge inventory of uniforms, apparel, footwear and equipment providing you the peace of mind that your players will be suited up and equipped before your season starts.


Our newest and most popular service is our Athletix Shop experience! Removing the "order collection" from your list of coaching duties. You tell us what you want in your "store' and we set it up for you. We collect the monies, produce the product and deliver complete packages. Taking all of the work off your list of things to do, and your team earns a percentage of the sales.

Take the next step in having your team look their best on and off the field!

Impress Athletix Team Sales Houston Texas
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